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Who is Zis Frank Sanazi?

Frank Sanazi 'Ze Ubermeister of Lounge' brings a New Order and discipline to ze usually more relaxed swing scene.


Frank embraces the modern idiom by singing about and reflecting on ze world around him, as his music and style originate from his homeland he has preferred to call ze whole movement 'Fatherlounge'. Club goers acknowledge zat Frank has created a new style of show in ze west, 'Extreme Cabaret', it does seem zat his 'Extreme Renditions' of Rat Pack classics as well as his abrasive comedy stylings have endorsed him as ze new Dark Prince of Original Burlesque.



Frank is ze leader of The Iraq Pack, a group of infamous crooners consprising of Dean Stalin, Saddami Davis Jnr and Osama Bing Crosby., or as NATO calls them "The 4 singers of the Apocalypse".