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"It’s a guilty pleasure, but a pleasure uber alles."


The Stage

"For a truly funny Fuhrer, seek out Frank Sanazi’s brilliant Hitler/Sinatra hybrid"


Evening Standard

"Comedy Gold"


The Scotsman ****

"As the name suggests Frank Sanazi is a brilliant and unsettling blend of Frank Sinatra and Adolf Hitler. It’s all brilliantly stupid, fantastically wrong and ridiculously funny."


West End Wilma ****

"The Iraq Pack isn’t going to appeal to everyone. If you’re easily offended and can’t sit back and laugh at the terrible world we live in then this certainly isn’t for you. But, if you think it sounds like fun, you will have a blast!"


The Edinburgh Reporter

"Everybody’s favourite war criminal Frank Sanazi’s back in town, and the Fuhrer’s thankfully learnt nothing since his defeat in 1945. A blitzkrieg attack on taste and decency, Das Vegas Night 3 was a delight."


Broadway Baby ****

"Sanazi brings his staunch, in-your-face comedy to the stage through the jaunty rhythms of a 1950s Swing band. Sanazi pokes fun at history’s most famous German dictator through a mixture of puns, slapstick and musical numbers, as well as mocking some more contemporary dictatorships"


Black Diamond (107.8FM) *****

"A very entertaining if UN-PC show and I loved it. Five big stars to Frank Sanazi's Das Vegas... But I will stress this is certainly not for the easily offended."


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