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Love it or Hate it

"Thank you for your exceptional performance at Enchanted Burlesque - Dangerous, and for bringing some of your troops to the show. Hope you're safe back in your Berlin bunker now."

- Enchanted Burlesque

"We had a long car journey and played your tunes via your website to amuse the passengers. Hysterical."

- Peter Martin

Frank hatemail

"Is this a JOKE?! Then it's not funny"

- Tanzjira

"Frank Si Nazi I thought was in very poor taste. Although hopefully not intended as such could easily be construed as racist and would definitely appeal to that kind of audience. Other people in the audience were also unimpressed and I think it was an unfortunate choice of act to put on.  The 'humour' was based only on ridicule of others, not himself and the starting point of a sinatra / hitler combo character was not enough to carry such sensitive language and references. I may try the wet spot again but would hope not to see such an uncomfortable act in future visits. "

- Jayne

"I've seen you live and I just don't think its funny.  I am a huge fan of The Producers (the original and remake), I like Family Guy (though sometimes cringe a bit) but I just do NOT think that this is amusing"

- MolivaBolivia

"I enjoy close to the mark comedy however yours was distasteful, uncomfortable and ruined our evening"

- W. Russell

"Pure brilliance Frank and Saddami! Have you got any plans for a European tour starting in Poland?"

- SirGeorgeUproar

"Awesome. Cool! Saw Frank at London's comedy store....he stole the show. Good art likes this makes me happy that extremists don't run the show!"

- Glanda06

"I saw him last Thursday great funny act"

- Rob

"Just saw you at Fringe 2008... you were SO FUNNY I cried!!! Best moment of festival"

- glitzymiss

"Loved you at the Roundhouse"

- disturbingtrend

"I saw u at the fringe festival in august, u stuck a swore sticker on my arm.. lol"

- Baz

"Saw you in northampton on halloween and you were awesome - think you need to revisit the hamptons soon and convert some more of the locals"

- L. Eversden

Frank hatemail Frank Frank hatemail Frank Frank Frank hatemail

What do you think?


"What a fantastic show last night in Deal - I don't know how you managed to improve on your last visit, but you did! Had a wonderful time and all the 'pack' were great."

- Deborah